Building Department

Rum River Consultants provides building inspection services to the City of Oak Grove and Andy Schreder serves as the Building Official. Rum River Construction Consultants is committed to a quality, customer service oriented approach to building official and inspection services. To request copies of archived building permit and septic system records, please contact

Rum River Consultants is pleased to announce the introduction of online permitting services for the City of Oak Grove through our platform, Baseline.
To access this user-friendly site, simply click this link.  Once selected, you will be brought to the permitting website where you can choose the option to "Apply for a Permit".  A prompt will occur for you to create an account or sign in to the platform.
Once you have established a user account, conveniently track and manage all of your permits by selecting the "View Permits" option.  *Please note, calendar year 2023 permits issued prior to July 17, 2023 will have their data migrated to this site soon. If you prefer the original permit submission option, please fill out the applications listed on the right and send to