Oak Grove Public-Alert System

Alerts can be sent as an automated:

• SMS text message,
• Automated email, and
• Automated phone calls.

So even if you don’t have a mobile phone you can utilize this service. We can send public alerts to specific neighborhoods or areas of the City.

Examples of how we may use this service to notify residents of important information include: Planned detours/road maintenance, burning restrictions, road closures, hydrant flushing, imminent threats to the public, wildland fires and community events like Recycling Day. We won’t use it for weather related events such as tornadoes immediately but may in the future.

Sign up here: http://public-alert.com/app/create-resident-account.

• Select Oak Grove from the Public Alert Area drop down menu.

• If you have a utility account you can enter your Billing Account number otherwise you can leave this field blank.

• Enter your name, address, mobile number and email address so we can best serve you.


Oak Grove Public-Alert Sign up here