Parking Restrictions

In accordance with Chapter 906 of the City Code, NO PARKING is allowed in any of the following places within the City of Oak Grove:
  • On a sidewalk
  • Blocking a public or private driveway
  • In an intersection
  • Within 10 feet of a fire hydrant
  • So as to block a crosswalk
  • At any place "No Parking" where official signs prohibit parking
  • On the shoulders of any trunk highway within the City
  • Upon any City road or street for a continuous period of 24 hours or more
  • Upon any City road or street after there has been an accumulation of one inch (1") or more of snowfall until such time as the snow has been plowed from the road or street
  • Upon any City road or street in residential areas when such vehicle is a semi-truck, trailer, recreational vehicle, or commercial vehicle; except when such vehicle is parked for the purposes of contracted for work, and only then from dawn to dusk
Additional Restrictions:
Not withstanding the foregoing restrictions, the City Council may impose additional parking restrictions on roads and streets within the City if, in its opinion, such restrictions are necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare of persons or property.