Snow removal tips
snow removal tips continued
Winter is coming!

Snow Removal

Snow is coming!

Our Public Works staff maintains over 120 miles of city streets. Please keep the following things in mind this winter:

  • When streets are covered with snow, it can be very difficult for snowplow operators to determine the edge of the road. Staking the curb/edge of the road with wood laths or fiberglass poles enables the operator to locate the edge of the road during the first or second snowfall. These markings are intended to be used as a guide for the plow operator, not as a fence protector along property. The city is not responsible for damaged sod/landscaping or damage to the wood laths or fiberglass markers. This is the responsibility of the property owner.
  • Many homeowners install sprinkler systems and place the sprinkler heads in the road right-of-way (along the curb) when installing the system. The city is not responsible to repair or replace any sprinkler head in the road right-of-way that is damaged during the snowplowing operations. Since the sprinkler head is placed in the easement it is the property owner's responsibility to repair if damaged.
  • Do not plow, shovel, or blow snow onto or across any public street according to the Minnesota State Statue #160.27. Since there are a high number of cul-de-sacs and dead end streets in the city, it takes a while for the specialized equipment to completely remove snow from them. The large snowplow may clear a portion of the street first, then the cul-de-sac equipment will complete the clean-up. Main city streets are cleared first with large plows before the smaller equipment begins clearing cul-de-sacs.
  • Parking on City streets is not permitted during or after any snowfall event of 1” or more until the streets have been completely cleared. Parking on any City street for a period longer than 24 hours is also prohibited.