Recycle Center

Save and Recycle - The Following Materials are Accepted:

Aluminum cans

Steel food cans –rinse, remove labels

Newspaper & supplements –place in large roll off container

Boxboard– cake, cereal, chip & cracker boxes – remove liners; place with newspapers in large roll off container

Corrugated Cardboard– Flatten and place in large roll-off container. NO food, pizza, pop boxes or plastic-coated corrugated.

Mixed paper/mail– Place in large newspaper roll-off container. No tissues or paper milk cartons. 

Glass– Jars & bottles ONLY – rinse, remove all lids & rings; sort by color (clear, brown, green)

Plastic– Pete #1 (pop & liquor bottles) & HDPE #2 (semi-transparent milk/water/juice jugs); rinse, remove lids & rings

Used Motor Oil– NO gasoline, solvents or water – pour carefully into tank & take container home for reuse, RESIDENTS ONLY

Used Oil Filters– drain, place in container provided; RESIDENTS ONLY

NOT Recyclable:  paper cups, paper towels & plates, microwave or frozen food boxes, juice or milk cartons, pizza boxes, window glass, dishes or ceramics, glassware, plastic toys, pots, Tupperware, or plastic bags.
The center accepts boxboard such as cracker and cereal boxes with all liners removed. Clean used oil and well-drained oil filters are also accepted at the center. Please take your empty oil containers home.

The recycling center is NOT a dumping ground. Sort your items into the appropriate containers and take all unacceptable items home.

PLEASE help keep the center in full operation by bringing only the recyclable materials!