The City of Oak Grove provides utility billing for wastewater, water and street lights for some neighborhoods in the City.
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The Ponds
Lake George
Street Lights
General Billing Questions: Contact the City of Oak Grove by emailing utilities@ci.oak-grove.mn.us or calling 763-404-7000.

Service Providers: Click here for a list of electric, natural gas, telephone & internet, cable and garbage & recycling service providers available to residents of Oak Grove.

2024 rates: For a complete list of the 2024 water and sewer rates please click here.

Moving: Contact the City of Oak Grove by emailing utilities@ci.oak-grove.mn.us or calling 763-404-7022. 

Foreclosure: If your home is in foreclosure, the city services remain your obligation until the financing company takes possession of the property. Please be sure to remind your financing company of this.

Bankruptcy: If you are filing bankruptcy and wish to have your city services listed as part of the bankruptcy filing, you must list the City of Oak Grove as a creditor on the filing.

Renters and Property Owners: The property owner is ultimately responsible for city services.

Delinquent Utility Bills: The City of Oak Grove has the authority to certify to the property taxes any outstanding utility bills as a special assessment. Certification occurs in the month of November each year.

New Residents: Note to new property owners: If you recently purchased a home within the City of Oak Grove, you may want to verify that the final utility bill was paid by the previous owner. Any outstanding utility bill (water, sewer and street lights) will be certified to your property as a special assessment. If your property has an outstanding final utility bill, you may want to contact your title company to see if any money was held in an escrow account.